Handcrafted Staircases: Made with the Finest Materials


Your Staircase, Your Way

DKR Joinery’s bespoke staircases are more than a way to move between floors – they’re a statement of style and craftsmanship. Using the finest materials like oak, pine, and hemlock, we create staircases tailored to your exact needs and preferences. Whether you desire traditional solid oak with spindles or a contemporary glass balustrade, our staircases are designed, made, and fitted with unparalleled pride and workmanship. With in-house finishing options and customization including straight flights, winding, and open treads, each staircase is a unique piece that enhances the beauty of your home.

Traditional Wooden

Navigate your home with elegance on a traditional wooden staircase, crafted from premium materials to offer durability and timeless charm.

Glass Balustrade

Embrace a sense of openness and light with a glass balustrade staircase, featuring transparent panels that allow for unobstructed views and a flood of natural light.


Add a touch of whimsy and efficient use of space with a spiral staircase, perfect for smaller areas or as a secondary staircase, all while creating a striking visual statement.

Mordern Floating

Elevate your interior space with a modern floating staircase, featuring minimalistic design elements and innovative engineering for a sleek, contemporary look.

Any Size

At DKR Joinery, we customise all staircases to fit every space, ensuring a perfect fit for rooms both large and small.

Any Colour

Choose from an endless spectrum of colours to seamlessly match your new staircase with your home’s existing decor.

Any Style

From contemporary minimalism to classic elegance, our skilled artisans craft each piece to meet your unique design preferences.