Modern Style

Affordable modern kitchens for customers in Hampshire and surrounding areas

Modern Style Kitchens

Where Innovation Meets Functionality

Modern Style Kitchens are more than just a cooking space; they’re a statement of style, efficiency, and innovation. With clean lines, sleek surfaces, and intelligent storage solutions, DKR Joinery’s modern kitchens bring an elegant and futuristic touch to your home. Experience a cooking environment that’s tailored to today’s fast-paced lifestyle, where everything is at your fingertips and designed with precision.


Our Gloss Modern kitchens offer a high-shine finish that captures light and space, elevating the room’s overall aesthetic.

All White

For a clean and timeless look, our All White Modern kitchens provide a serene backdrop that complements any accents.

Grey Style

Combine sophistication with versatility, offering a neutral palette that harmonizes with a variety of decor themes.


For a softer, understated luxury, our Matt Modern kitchens offer a non-reflective finish that exudes modern sophistication.

Any Size

At DKR Joinery, we customize kitchens to fit every space, ensuring a perfect fit for rooms both large and small.

Any Colour

Choose from an endless spectrum of colours to seamlessly match your new kitchen with your home’s existing decor.

Any Style

From contemporary minimalism to classic elegance, our skilled artisans craft each piece to meet your unique design preferences.