The job was in Shawford in the city of Winchester, southwest Hampshire. The main task to be accomplished was working on the exterior entry to the house creating a gable end. The gable end structure was designed with a gothic architectural detailing in mind.

The client decided to go with European Oak as they wanted a contrast between the dark painted bricks and the feature gable end. European Oak is a very popular product used for external joinery as it can offer a high-quality aesthetic value. Like any natural material, provided it is well maintained it can be suitable for long-term usage as it is resistant to fungal attack which makes it suitable to fit into almost any home style making it more attractive and giving natural beauty.

To add support as well as keeping in with the traditional style, we added two gallows brackets at each end of the frame. Gallows brackets are right-angled to keep the surface above it steady. The brackets were also made from solid oak making it fit well with the rest of the joinery.

To create a bright and airy feel within the house we used as much glazing as possible to flood the space with natural light.

We like to fully finish all of our joinery products within our in house spray shop to avoid the chance of rapid movement with the timber. For this project the client wanted a satin finish so we decided to finish all the joinery in a clear exterior lacquer.

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