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With 25 Years of Experience, We Design, Craft, and Install Your Dream Kitchen or Joinery and cover Hampshire and surrounding areas

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Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Kitchen and Joinery specialists covering Hampshire and surrounding areas

At DKR Joinery, we specialise in affordable, bespoke kitchens. Whether your room is large or small, we design a kitchen that fits seamlessly. You can also select from a vast array of colours to suit your taste. Whether you favour a modern, sleek design or something more traditional and cosy, we manage the entire process from design to installation in-house. In addition, we offer other excellent joinery services, including Doors, Windows and Furniture. With us, you receive a comprehensive end to end service.

Our Kitchens

Our Highlighted Services for Interior Designs


Our modern kitchens offer a sleek and stylish design, blending cutting-edge functionality with a contemporary aesthetic. Perfect for the urban home.


Our Shaker kitchens combine simplicity with elegance, providing a timeless design that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


With clean lines and innovative design, our handless kitchens provide a futuristic and minimalistic approach to cooking and dining.

Any Size

At DKR Joinery, we customize kitchens to fit every space, ensuring a perfect fit for rooms both large and small.

Any Colour

Choose from an endless spectrum of colours to seamlessly match your new kitchen with your home’s existing decor.

Any Style

From contemporary minimalism to classic elegance, our skilled artisans craft each piece to meet your unique design preferences.

Our Process

See How We Work For You



First, we sit down with you to listen to your dreams, ideas, and needs, making sure every detail is captured.



Next, we craft a blueprint, translating your imagination into a tangible design that resonates with your vision.



Our skilled craftsmen then build everything in-house, using quality materials and decades of experience.



Finally, our installation team takes over, putting everything together and turning your dream into a reality

Joinery Services

Our Highlighted Services for Interior Designs


From wardrobes to cabinets, our custom-made furniture brings comfort, style, and function to your home, tailored to your taste.


Our crafted windows not only brighten your rooms but add a character that mirrors your style, all while maintaining quality and functionality


Our doors aren’t just entrances; they’re warm welcomes that define your home’s personality. Let us craft the perfect greeting for your guests.


We believe in crafting staircases that are more than just paths upwards. Each step is a piece of art, seamlessly integrated into your home’s design.

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